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REMEMBERING: Thomas Edward Allen, James Barrow, Charles Frederick Napier Bartlett, Leslie Herman Berlein, William Howe Bissley, Geoffrey Heslop Black, Ronald William Brakspear, Brian Dudley Brigg, Hugh Kennedy Cassels, Wilfrid Lawson Clarke, Cecil Stedman Cloake, Harold Cohen, George Bertrand Coote, Richard Markham Coote, Alfred Percival Dobson, Lionel Huddlestone Edwards, Douglas Eric Foot, Frederic Clifford Gardenner, Cyril Gentry-Birch, David Corse Glen, Douglas Murray Hanna, William Gray Haynes, George Henry Hewitt, Basil Perrin Hicks, William George Hobbs, William Franklin George Joseph, Harold Charles Linford Keable, Louis Arthur Klemantaski, Thomas Bernard Lawrence, Gordon Fraser Marsh, Peter McGibbon, Wilfred Southey Deare Oldman, Charles Gordon Paramore, Thomas Gordon Peacock, Richard Stephen Pierrepont Poyntz, Mervyn Phippen Pugh, Thomas Gerald Robinson, Aubyn Redmond Rouse, Clifford Salman, Cyril Spartali, Donald Fenwick Stileman, Frank Mariner Sumpster, Edward Sidney Beaumont Tavener, Morice Bell Thompson, Henry Cyril Thorne, Douglas Tosetti, William Crawford Walton, Charles Randolph Watson, Cyril Arthur Williamson, Harold Vivian Woodford

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