A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between
A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between

The Exhibition 

was at

In Flanders Fields Museum 

in Ypres, Belgium

from 26th September 2015

to 3rd January 2016.


The culmination of 21 years of research and creation based on a First World War group photograph. A mix of the traditional and innovative new ways of showing history and human life.


The lives of all 46 men in the photograph are told through artefacts, letters, poems, stories, an animated film, family tree drawings, photographs, photomontages, memorials, old stained glass windows, new stained glass windows, & a new group photograph - as shown in the slideshow below and in the pages you can read from the book on this website.


Housed in the Royal Hall within the Cloth Hall in Ypres, the exhibition space is 12 metres x 40 metres and the exhibits range from intimate mementos to huge installations. For an idea of the layout see the floor plan.


"The exhibition is just fantastic -

beautifully presented & a huge, huge achievement."


I'm looking for a UK venue - any ideas?: please contact me

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