A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between
A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between

Arvo Veritas is the publisher of highly visual books that aim to give new ways of exploring what it is like to live as a human being on this planet. The first was 'A Group Photograph - Before, Now & In-Between', a History and Art project by Andrew Tatham that started with a First World War group photograph, www.groupphoto.co.uk, and that has been followed by:


'I Shall Not Be Away Long', based on the letters of one of the men in the group photograph


'remembering wonder - seeing the world anew in a pandemic', a meditation on a life that though limited by our strange recent circumstances is still rich if we can re-connect with the world that surrounds us wherever we are


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Before, Now, & In-Between



200 pages, printed on quality paper in full-colour with a sewn binding, 31 x 24.5 x 1.5 cm


ISBN: 9780993530203



The First World War Letters
of Lt Col Charles Bartlett


464 pages, printed on quality paper in full-colour with a sewn binding, 21 x 26.2 x 2.6 cm


ISBN: 9780993530227



seeing the world anew in a pandemic


113 pages, printed on quality paper in full-colour, perfect bound, 21.59 x 21.59 x 0.69 cm


ISBN: 9780993530296




Arvo Veritas is a small independent publisher of large full-colour high-quality books. Costs of producing such books mean that I cannot offer a big enough discount for Gardners to take on any stock, nor am I able to offer much of a discount to bookshops. 


Please order direct from me. If you order more than one book, I can offer a discount, so if you email me with what you want, I will let you know what your order will cost, and after approval I will send you an invoice for payment. 


Contact: Andrew Tatham


email: info@arvoveritas.co.uk


Tel: 01328 878922


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