A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between
A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between

Arvo Veritas is the publisher of books from 'A Group Photograph - Before, Now & In-Between', a History and Art project by Andrew Tatham based on a First World War group photograph, www.groupphoto.co.uk:


A Group Photograph - Before, Now & In-Between


I Shall Not Be Away Long


Information for the book trade: see Trade Orders.



Before, Now, & In-Between



The original book from the exhibition is still available whilst stocks last.


200 pages, printed on quality paper in full-colour with a sewn binding, 31 x 24.5 x 1.5 cm


ISBN: 9780993530203



The First World War Letters
of Lt Col Charles Bartlett


The book is available from 6th November 2020.


464 pages, printed on quality paper in full-colour with a sewn binding, 21 x 26.2 x 2.6 cm


ISBN: 9780993530227




How A Single Photograph
Took Over My Life


The book based on Andrew Tatham's experience of his whole Group Photograph project currently exists as a plan and chunks of writing. It aims to answer the many questions he's been asked along the way and if you have your own questions, please do get in touch.



Arvo Veritas is a small independent publisher of large full-colour high-quality books. Costs of producing such books mean that I cannot offer a big enough discount for Gardners to take on any stock. This is what I can offer the book trade:


'A Group Photograph': 30% discount with the book posted direct to you.


'I Shall Not Be Away Long': I have aimed to keep the total price including postage under £30. The only way to do that is by me selling direct (for the economics of this see this document). With such a big full-colour book that still makes it really tight to make any profit, so no discount is possible to the book trade (and believe me I'd love to be able to help independent booksellers). The price is £29.50 inc P&P, however the RRP is £45 and the size and content is comparable to other books you might sell for that price. See www.ishallnotbeawaylong.co.uk to get a better idea of the scale and scope of the book.


Please order direct from me. If you order more than one book, I can offer a discount, so if you email me with what you want, I will let you know what your order will cost, and after approval I will send you an invoice for payment. 


Contact: Andrew Tatham


email: info@arvoveritas.co.uk


Tel: 01328 878922


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