A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between
A GROUP PHOTOGRAPH - Before, Now & In-Between



There were certain important components of the exhibition that could not be included in the book: the family tree drawings need to be big in order to be readable (in the exhibition they are on panels 1 metre high and 34 metres wide - and there are also date rules to provide historical context), and the new group photograph had not been taken when the book went to press. So here they are for you to zoom in and explore.

Family Tree Drawings: The text and explanation of these are in the book, and small versions of the images are on the poster that is inside the back cover of the book. 


Notes on downloading & viewing the files: Right click on the download link, save the PDF file and then open it in Acrobat Reader. If you are looking for a specific name or word, you can use the text search facility to show you where a particular word appears in the image and then you just need to zoom in to that location in the image. The example tree below gives further details of how to interpret the tree drawings, and also includes historical time markers to give an idea of the scale of the periods of time depicted, and names the wars that appear as horizontal bands across each picture.


Row 4 (top row)


Row 3


Row 2


Row 1 (bottow row)


Example Tree


The New Group PhotographThis document puts names to faces and relates each family group to their man in the original group photograph:


New Group Photograph

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